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Are you looking for a simple and reliable solution to your cellular needs?

    We offer simple service packages that take the burden of complicated technologies out of your hands. We do this in order to give you a simple and reliable solution to emergency and daily situations.


    We all need to stay in contact with the world and having a cell phone is great way to do that; but sometimes we are limited by our ability to deal with such devices. Here at InTouch America we work hard to solve this problem, providing customers with support and simplicity all year long.



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Simple Cell Phone Service - Exclusive Deals & Support

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What our customers have to say…


Mark Steinfeld

Great Customer service, great wireless coverage, great cell phones, at great prices. We have saved a lot of money over the years. We use to be with VZ direct and we used the same network with Intouch and paid half the amount. We honestly could not ask for anything more.

Lori Williams

My husband and I had found this website thru Facebook and I decided to give them a call. The customer service was excellent from the beginning to the end. Great value and service . I love InTouch America. They really go out of their way for customers. That is really rare these days. We really appreciate it. Not just good prices.. Great SERVICE.

Mark Barer

I have been InTouch America for 19 years. They always accommodate my changes and upgrade my equipment to latest and greatest at great prices. their customer service is A+ and service works everywhere. I have recommended them to all my friends and family and there is about 20 of us in the family that has service with them. Truly top notch.

Sara Mitchell

Sara Mitchell Good honest company. We have their service. I vouch for them. We have not been disappointed and as a family saved a of money…My mom and step father got the $8 plan. They never use the phone. I had an iphone 4s that i had with Verizon for a couple of years. They activated that phone for me without contract and i now pay $50 a month and get unlimited talk text & i think 1 or 2gb of internet. Works for us as a family and no issues so far.


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