The Tech Kid Talks ‘Roku’ & ‘Apple TV’

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Today we are going to be talking about streaming devices. These days streaming devices come in a lot of different types and sizes. Today I will be talking about 3 of my favorite streaming boxes. But remember smart TVs, smart blue-ray systems, and your laptop can all act as a streaming device.

Let’s start with the Google Chromecast, I have talked about this product before in my past few posts. But as it is such an amazing device I will be talking about it again. Now from this little dongle comes all the great monthly streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus and you can also stream straight from your windows computer. The best part of this device is the price!! Google Chromecast is only $34.99!


Next we are going to be talking about Roku. I have never personally used this device but have heard many great things. Just looking at the remote alone you can tell this device is a win. The remote is a perfect size to fit your hand with dedicated ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon’ buttons! But that’s not the amazing part of Roku’s remote, not even close. What makes this product superior is that just by looking at the remote from the side you will see a little aux input for your favorite pair of headphones! So you can be in a quiet room and still be able to watch your Roku from anywhere in the room and not disrupt anybody! I’ve personally never seen this feature on a remote so I was in shock and awe. The Roku LT is $49.99 and the Roku 1 is $59.99!


Now last but certainly not least the Apple TV. Anyone who reads my blogs knows my biased opinion on all Apple products, BUT I will try and control myself today. I personally have owned this product for 3 years and it still works at the same speed and agility as it did the first day I got it. The remote it comes with is an all steal little dongle and fits in the palm of your hands with 5 simple buttons. The device itself can do many things. Most importantly it connects to the Apple ecosphere and your personal iCloud of music, movies and TV shows. From my iPhone I can play music that’s loaded in the ‘music’ section of my phone and have it play on apple TV. Apple has also come out with an Apple TV Remote APP for android and iOS app stores for the people who always lose their remotes. Apple TV is only $99.99!

Well that’s it for this week! Until next week techies and seniors!


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