Willey Finney

Willey Finney

Great Customer service, great wireless coverage, great cell phones, at great prices. We have saved a lot of money over the years. What else can someone ask for!

Lorraine Willis

Lorraine Willis

Wow! My husband and I had found this website thru facebook and I decided to give them a call. There customer service was excellent from the beginning to the end. Great value and service . I love InTouch America.

Mary leon

Mary Leon

I was ready for a chance and tried off paying such hefty cell phone bills. I’m so glad I’ve found a company that caters to the need of seniors. I started with a basic phone that served me well for years and finally upgraded to a senior-friendly smartphone and loved it! thank you InTouch America.

Mark Barer

Mark Barer

I have been InTouch America for 17 years now. They always accommodate my changes and have even upgraded me to the new age, and got me into using a smartphone! their customer service is A+ and service works everywhere. And well the best part is the price!

Sharon Oestreicher

This is great deal! We love our new phone and will be getting another one at the end of the month. With the rising costs of Medicare and our supplemental insurance, we need this break. THANK YOU!

Peggy McReynolds

It’s great deal if you need to contact someone when or if you get stranded….i don’t use all the extras anyway. It also has a camera. I really like it….Nice people to do business with, very helpful.

Urban John Bellinghausen Jr.

absolutely the best—-best prices—–best customer service—-highly highly recommend In Touch——

Lorene Williams

I’m tellin’ ya right here u cannot go wrong w/ITA… so affordable for those of us on fixed incomes…their customer service is beyond excellent….just ask me!!

Donald Kisselburg

In Touch America has high integrity, a safe Company, by my experience.

Sara Mitchell

Sara Mitchell Good honest company. We have their service. I vouch for them. We have not been disappointed and as a family saved a of money…My mom and step father got the $8 plan. They never use the phone. I had an iphone 4s that i had with Verizon for a couple of years. They activated that phone for me without contract and i now pay $50 a month and get unlimited talk text & i think 1 or 2gb of internet. Works for us as a family and no issues so far.

Gabriella Sanchez – Anderson

This is good company. We enjoy the service and have saved a lot of money as well. The best thing about them is the English speaking customer service that picks up right away. We always struggled with voicemail and not getting proper help and i really enjoy always talking to Maria. Your sales/ customer service person is always available for you. I personally don’t use my phone much so the $10 plan came with 2 hours and i got a free phone. The bills have always been small and the reception is very good. They use Verizon towers & AT&T towers. I actually tried them both and ended up with Verizon in my area. I really recommend these guys for anyone wanting a good caring cell phone company. These days companies like them are a gem hard to find! God bless

Jackie Brandell

My grandma got this service and with her old company we couldn’t really get a signal. She had to drive a mile away from house just to be able to call out. She really doesn’t even need the phone. My mom & i got it for her in case of medical issues or some kind of emergency to be able to call out. We took the $4.99 plan since she never uses the phone and the cool things that there is signal bars in her house so it’s totally worth it although she never uses it. I think anyone who is thinking of getting this for safety or security specially for parents is wonderful. Can’t beat the price anyway. We were paying $25+ before & had to drive a mile into town. so far so good. me and my husband may switch our iphones to them after we are done with our contracts with AT&T.

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