The best holiday gift for the Senior in your life

With the holidays here we are all thinking about those special gifts we will give when we gather together with our loved ones. We want to get something that will put a smile on their face but also something that is useful; something that won’t be tossed aside & not be used. I have done a lot of thinking about what to get everyone this year, but I had especially been thinking about my grandmother and I finally came up with the perfect gift… a cell phone!

I know she will not use it much but it will let me stay in contact with her and check in on her when I need to. It will also let her have access to help in case she should have an emergency. I worry about her a lot since she is getting older and insistent on living at home alone. With her having a cell phone it is not only a gift for her but it will give me and the rest of the family peace of mind. I decided to go with InTouch Americas Senior cell phone deal of $7.99 per month and a free phone; it is super affordable and gives her some free minutes every month. I received the phone in the mail and I have been setting it up so when I give it to her all she has to do is turn it on.

I have to tell you I couldn’t be happier with this phone; it is a nice size, the screen and buttons are easy to read and it is super simple to use. I have added my name and phone number in her contacts and even to the ICE (In Case of Emergency) button so if there is an emergency she can dial me quickly & easily. The phone even has a 911 button for easy immediate access. I tell you, I wanted a phone for my grandmother to have in case of emergencies and this is the perfect phone for just that. I highly recommend this phone and service to anyone in a similar situation; worried about their loved ones and want to stay in contact with an inexpensive and easy to use phone and service!

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