The most durable phone ever!

My phone broke again… or maybe it’s time for a phone upgrade, what kind of phone should I get? Every couple years we all ask ourselves this question and then go through the daunting task of researching all the phones out there trying to find the best one for us. If you are like many people I know, all the extra bells and whistles are less of a priority than a durable and reliable phone.

Do you drop your phone all the time? Do you work in construction? Do you have little kids that like to act like your phone is both their phone and their toy? Do you just need a sturdy phone that can take anything you throw at it? If so, let me introduce you to the Casio Boulder, this is definitely the phone for you. It is Military grade sturdy for water, shock and dust resistance, vibration, salt fog, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, low/high temperature storage and water proof. While it can withstand just about anything it also has a couple of bells and whistles for you to enjoy… a high-resolution display and camera, an electronic compass, music player and a memory card slot. It also supports English and Spanish, has an Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, voice memo, picture ID, speaker phone and a flashlight.

Keep in mind that your phone is always free or discounted once during any two year contract period. If you are a person that is constantly dropping your phone or damaging it by some form of physical abuse; then you should consider getting this phone. Your service provider will not give you a discount towards another phone purchase until your contract is over. Unless you have insurance coverage, you can expect to pay full price (in the hundreds) to get a replacement phone. By the way, this phone is FREE when you sign up on any $9.99 plan or higher! An unbelievable value only offered through InTouch America.

Save money, Look stylish, and have access to some amazing features with the peace of mind that no matter how rough you are or how many times your phone gets dropped, or thrown, in water that it will stay working just fine when you need it to.

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