The Tech Kid Talks About TWO Killer Deals!

Welcome back to the Tech Kid blog!

Today I wanted to talk I little bit about two smartphones that we are having an amazing deal on currently!
Let’s start with the HTC One. This phone is the new successor put out by the HTC One line of smart phones. This phone is probably the most sophisticated of its kind. Let’s start with the duo camera with ULTRA-pixels. The camera is basically two cameras right next to each other. The main one and then there’s a smaller one right above the main one. The camera captures more light and less blur for higher–quality photos and you can even get professional grade images by using the UFocus feature exclusively used and created by HTC. The main thing I love about this phone and all HTC phones is that they don’t use low grade plastic to wrap their phones in, all HTC phones are encased within a brushed metal material and have a very nice feel to them. In the end this phone is a great buy for anyone in the market for a high end, android smart phone with a ton of features at a great price of $39.99!

And next we have the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is the highly anticipated follow up to the Galaxy S4. One very interesting feature this smart phone has is that it’s basically a fitness tracker within your phone. It can even tell you your heart rate within seconds just by holding your finger on the flash on the back of the phone and BOOM; you have your heart rate in real time. It’s pretty amazing and definitely the first of its kind. Another cool feature is the whole bottom of the screen itself is a fingerprint scanner. So you can secure your phone by using your own finger prints, a feature that they basically took from apple but gave it a Samsung twist. This phone also has a great editing tool within its own camera program. No need to download those annoying apps that give you a million different filters, now you can actually edit your images like you would in Adobe Photoshop and make them look very professional. This phone will inevitably sell out before it even hits the shelves, but in my opinion they have added two new features that I’ve stated above, other than that it’s the same as its former flagship Samsung smart phone.

That’s all for this week techies and seniors! Don’t forget to sound off below if you have any great ideas for a blog subject!

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