The Tech Kid Talks… Samsung Illusion Basics

We have been heavily pushing the Samsung Illusion as it’s a GREAT android smart phone that is perfect for seniors. For those of you asking how to use the phone and why it doesn’t come with a user manual is simple; there’s one in the phone, in a video format!

Start by tapping the home screen button, once you are on the home screen swipe the screen to the right. At this point you will see a little red cinema reel app icon that says “Guided Tour” go ahead and tap on that, and click on the first option “Basic Setup and Usage Videos” and from there click on the first video and watch all videos, there are four videos:

  1. Basic device navigation
  2. Calling and Messaging
  3. Email Setup
  4. WiFi and Bluetooth Set up

With these four videos you will be a pro at using the phone and can ALWAYS refer back to the videos if and when you need more help.

Also there is a great website that simulates the phone for you and takes you step by step on how to use the phone! Just go to this link .

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