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Hello Friends! My Name is Ali Mohajer or better known as The Tech Kid! They call me the Tech Kid because as a child, I was obsessed with electronics, from breaking phones to see what’s inside to prying ALL the TV remotes open so I could see the shiny strands of silver and gold on the green mother board. My mom said at some point when I was in elementary school she decided to just buy a bunch of old broken phones for me to fix, which I did happily.

By the time I was in High School people expected me to have the newest phones at all times. I remember during junior year I was the first person in school to get the first iPhone that came out. My friends were standing all around me to take a peak. I didn’t just want the phone because it was the latest, I wanted it because I loved the technology, I loved how the world was changing so fast around me. Now as a student in university I see that technology advances every second, it isn’t very easy to keep up with. For that reason I’m starting this blog to help all of us learn a little more about the new things that come out and how technology is advancing today. Welcome to The Tech Kid blog!

This is a weekly blog where I will be sharing my thoughts on the latest and “greatest” technology. I’m going to try and focus on the cellular world, but sometimes I just can’t control myself when it comes to technology. =)

Let’s start with some Apple news. They’ve had a lot going on this month with the introduction of their two new iPhones. To be completely honest, I don’t really like the new additions to the iPhone line and this is coming from an avid Apple product user.

If you’re wondering, yes that was me waiting in line to get everything and ANYTHING that they have coming out. Or even to just get a quick glimpse. Waiting in line this past weekend, excitement and a bit of anxiety twisting in my stomach, I was finally let it in to see these two new ‘Revolutionary’ products at my local Apple Store. But when I saw the new iPhone 5s I was sadly underwhelmed. Ok, so yes it is cool that your fingerprint can unlock the phone with one click of the home button. But just one week after the launch of the new phone, hackers around the world were well on their way to cracking Apples coveted new security feature. I’ve been using Apple products for years and am always impressed by the longevity of life on my Mac or iPhone but I still get hypnotized by Apple Launches of any and all products as does half of the planet.

But one thing that does bother me about this situation is that ANY iPhone can update to the iOS 7 software that was simultaneously released with the launch of the new iPhone. This really is the only new KEY feature within the iPhone 5s. So what’s the point in purchasing this new phone if you already own an iPhone? I’ve been asking myself the same question all week.

Alright enough with my Apple ramblings, every week I’m going to be recommending my personal choice for a phone or simpler put ‘Phone of the Week’ by categories of Senior-Friendly and Techy-Friendly.

Our first week’s Senior Friendly phone is going to be the Samsung Gusto 2:

This phone has all the features you need in a phone for emergencies as well an everyday use phone. I like that the volume of the phone is louder than most phones. The raised numeric key pad makes for a more user friendly interface. The brightness of the screen also makes it a lot easier to read incoming calls and texts from your friends!

Now for the Techy-Friendly phone of the week, I choose the Samsung Galaxy S4:

Not just because the screen is so large, but also because the phone’s internal processor makes for a lag-free scrolling experience through the phone. As most androids lag when doing something as simple as just looking through your apps this phone doesn’t lag at all. Not to mention the internal memory can be added to with an SD card, something all cell phone companies are trying to avoid. I know your all thinking what is an Apple user doing with a Samsung Galaxy, but sometimes technology surpasses loyalty!

InTouch America is offering the Samsung Gusto 2 for free with any New Activation on plans starting as low as only $7.99 per month! Great for low users and seniors.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is only $199 plus tax on any new activation with one of our unlimited talk and text plans starting as low as $59.99 per month!

Some restrictions apply so please call for details at (800)500-0066 or email us at sales@intouchamerica.com.

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Thank you for reading this week’s Tech Kid Blog!

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