What Are You Thankful For?

The holidays are quickly approaching and this is the time of year when people generally think about what they are thankful for.

Typically we hear that people are thankful for their family, friends, job, home, etc. I was talking to my kids the other day about what being thankful and I asked them to get a piece of paper and write all the things they are truly thankful for. I asked them to not include a list of all their stuff but I wanted them to think deeper than that.

They thought & wrote & thought & wrote and came up with some very interesting lists. They contained the typical things like family, friends, a great country and our freedom but my youngest daughter who is 10 included her cell phone on the list.

When I read that I told her she was supposed to come up with more meaningful items and a phone was more materialistic, while it is good to be thankful for those things also, that is not quite what I was looking for. She seriously responded

“Mom, I have to leave it on my thankful list and I have a very good reason!”

This obviously piqued my interest; how could my 10 year old possibly have a good reason to include her cell phone, so I asked her to explain herself. She told me that cell phones keep families connected. She said when she misses me and I am not around or she is sad and just wants to hear my voice she can pick up her cell phone and call mine and we can talk whenever she needs to. She said it is so important to her that we can reach each other so quickly and so easily that she would just die without her cell phone! She didn’t care about texting her friends or going online, she just wanted to be able to call and talk to her mommy when she wants to.

Tears came to my eyes, I didn’t realize she felt this way and I didn’t realize this is the reason she always wants her cell phone with her but I had to admit that it was a very good reason. I got my daughters cell phones about a year ago so I could keep in contact when necessary and I am thankful to know that my daughter values that connection just as much as I do. I am also thankful to InTouch America, our cell phone provider, for having affordable plans that fit our needs and keep our family connected.

If you want to stay connected with your friends and family at an amazing value give them a call at 800-500-0066 and I guarantee you will be just as thankful as my daughters and I are.

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