Why should you get consider a LG Revere 150 Cell Phone?

If you need a phone that is simple, to the point, and economical (and doesn’t require a data plan) then you should consider the LG Cosmos 2 or the LG Revere. In the end many people’s decision come down to three things: 1) Battery life (which both are about equal), 2) Simplicity, and 3) idiot-proof. Those last two are why we recommend the LG Revere for people how want a simple, reliable phone that is great for making phone calls and sending basic text messages.

Why is battery life so important? It is nice to have a phone that does not have to be charged every day should you go on an all day outing or a week long camping trip. With these two phones you wouldn’t have to worry as much about not being able to use your phone if you forgot your charger at home for a few days. More importantly; in case of an emergency such as an earthquake or other natural disaster, having a phone that can last at least a week without charging would be a huge advantage should there be a dire need due to a power outage. Considering an almost 7hr talk time/3 week standby rating, both the LG Cosmos 2 and LG Revere are phenomenal options for battery reliability.

Why is simplicity so important? Not everyone needs a multi-media machine. Many people just want the web in small doses (an occasional email, checking sports scores or reading the news). If you believe a phones’ main purpose should be to send/receive calls dependably and text simple messages; then this would be a great option for you. If you’re looking for more bells and whistles, there are many other more complex smartphones in the market. Smartphones cost more to purchase and have higher monthly prices due to the forced data plan bundles. With a simple phone; you will also have a very inexpensive simple plan and save money.

Why is idiot-proof so important? If you want something simple that doesn’t leave room for a lot of error this is a great phone. More specifically, one of the things many people say they want to avoid is accidentally making random calls from a pocket or purse. Candy bar phones, despite their lock features, tend to have an issue with this; flip phones hardly do. While many prefer a phone without moving parts (they last longer), flip phones usually have a good track record for sustainability; especially in comparison to the slider phones. Besides, if you tend to abuse your phones, or even drop it occasionally, this phone is very likely to stand up to your every day wear & tear for a very long time.

LG comes with some interesting additions, including one where the phone will announce who is calling and another where it reads your text messages to you. These are optional but useful features if you’re on the road a lot or work somewhere where looking at your phone is a problem. In fact, the software system is pretty intelligently built; take some time to explore your phone to see everything it has to offer. Call quality is good. Reception seems to be good and people report having less dropped calls in the same geographical area in comparison to an Apple iPhone 4 (so take the bars with a grain of salt). The speakerphone is great and very loud if that is something that is important to you. Bluetooth functionality is an excellent and convenient addition as hands free driving seems to be the law in most states today.

Speaking of iPhone, size-wise, the LG Revere, when folded, is about as thick as the iPhone 4s, though it weighs somewhat less. The keys are easy to press, and very distinctive, so it’s easy to dial without looking. That’s another benefit of having a phone with an actual keypad. You can actually feel what you are dialing.

If you are looking for that dependable phone that is durable, simple to use and has great battery life… you have just come across one of the best options out there- the LG Revere. This phone is offered for Free by InTouch America to anyone who signs up on at least a plan of $9.99 per month with 100 free minutes. There is no activation fee and in addition to getting this great phone for free; you will get 3 months of free service and a free bonus car charger!

Please feel free to call us at 800-500-0066 or visit us at www.intouchamerica.com and we will be happy to provide you with more information on this phone and our services.

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