You can use a cell phone while traveling internationally… for less!

Are you planning to travel to Europe or anywhere else internationally? Having a cell phone available is important no matter where you are but roaming charges for traveling abroad can be quite expensive. Don’t ever stress about how high your cell phone bill will be when you return from vacation again. Instead of running the risk of your cell phone not working while you are away or paying overpriced international roaming rates if it does work, I recommend renting a world phone from InTouch America. For only $1 per day you can borrow one of our world phones and purchase a pre paid SIM card once you get to your destination. This will allow you to prepay for all of your usage and will completely eliminate a high cell bill that includes those international roaming charges that none of us like to see. By taking this route you can save up to 75%. Because you would be buying a pre-paid SIM at your port of entry you will be assigned a local number on the local home network. You can reach friends and family easily and your calls would be local to the entire region that you are traveling. Since all of Europe and Asia are on the same GSM frequency and network; you can use the same SIM card even if you are traveling from one country to another.

There are quite a few companies that have a very lucrative business renting global phones and service bundled together at absorbent rates of up to $7.00 per day and up to $3.00 per minute with minimum daily requirements. At InTouch America, all of our subscribers can enjoy the convenience of renting a global cellular phone at only $1.00 per day. Why pay a setup fee, roaming charges, or high rental fees? Those are just unnecessary costs. With InTouch America we simply charge $1 per day to rent a GSM world phone with no hidden fees and charges as our thanks to you for being a valued customer. You can keep the phone as little or as long as you like. We want you to enjoy your travels without having to be concerned about an inflated cell phone bill. Please call us at 800-500-0066 or email us at if you are interested in renting a world phone today. We wish you safe and happy travels.

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